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I have been where you are right now… I have tried every detox on the planet, from the cabbage soup diet to the Master Cleanse.

They all left me starving, grumpy & craving junk food. Why? Because they all lack important nutrients that help your body cope & detox effectively.

Isn't it time for a detox that works?

My 21-Day Anti-Inflammatory Detox is about clearing inflammatory food from your life and embracing healing foods that release subborn toxins & allow you to slim down and feel great.

This detox is about pressing the RESET button on your body!

No calorie restriction.
No starving.
No gross-tasting food.

In 21 days, you will:

• find your authentic appetite
• laugh like a child again as your pain eases away
• feel your body unburdened by pesky allergic reactions
• rediscover happiness with balanced mood & neurochemistry
• be more productive as your focus & energy increase with each day!

daily emails
to support and motivate you

Daily coaching
to walk you step-by-step to success

bonus e-guide
the full program in one easy-to-read document

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Extensive Guides
Preparation & storage tips

How-to Videos
Cooking tips & demos

 menu plans & shopping lists
printable & interactive

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Satisfying, Delicious, balanced Recipes

powerful elixirs

tasty teas

crave-busting snacks

superfood shakes

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"I believe that your health is your wealth. That we each have the power to unleash happiness & healing in ways that make us healthier."

"I believe in the power of my 21-Day Detox, and I believe in you."

Watch this video, so I can tell you more!

Julie Daniluk, RHN

How my 21-day detox Works


A Fully Supported Process

Empowered Delivery

•  Program login details are sent to your inbox upon purchase
• Activate your daily support emails when you're ready to start
• Step-by-Step support as you conquer Detox Mountain
• 24/7 online access – start when you want, learn when you want, connect when you want, wherever you want!

Powerful Design
Pre-Detox Prep (5 days) - setting up powerfully for success
Initial Detox (9 days) - gently clearing toxins from your system
Deep Detox (3 days) - thoroughly cleansing your system
Detox Success (9 days) - healing & restoring your system
Live-It for Life - follow-up strategies for your new vitality!

Unique Details
• Personally-designed by me, based on my extensive detox research & experience
• NO DEPRIVATION - my food-based cleanse is effective, easy-to-follow & creates less symptoms than harsh detoxs
• Detailed documents and videos explain how to powerfully cleanse the different systems in your body (skin, lymph, urinary, liver, repiratory, circulatory & digestive)


My 21-Day Anti-Inflammatory Detox is ready when you are!
Purchase now and start anytime you feel ready.



Powerful Skills You Will Learn

• How to cure your cravings - fast
• How to build your own delicious, satisfying menus from my easy-to-follow anti-inflammatory menu suggestions
• How to buy organic on a budget
• How to enroll the support of your family & friends
• Where to find affordable superfoods
• The science of detoxification & why you have cravings


I’ve included loads of tutorials and support materials to help you along the way. You'll also get a 315+ page day-by-day e-Guide and the support of my tech staff. You have full control over your detox... not the other way around!



Results You'll See & Feel

• Accelerated weight loss (stubborn pounds will drop away)
• Elimination of pain & inflammation
• Clearer, soother skin
• Increased energy
• Sparkling eyes
• Elevated mood
• Dramatically improved bowel function
(reduced constipation, reduced diarrhea)
• Improved memory, attention span & mental clarity
• A Youthful Glow!


Press Reset on Your Health in just 21 Days!

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"I thought I knew a lot about health, but never realized there was so much I didn't know, until I began your 21-Day detox. now i sleep better, have more energy, weigh less, and feel calmer."

~holly haven


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